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Mad-scientist coding

It's no secret that we have some pretty smart engineers among our ranks. They might not always look as hip, but they have the skills to solve your scientific, mathematical & even psychological problems by providing you with a simple mobile or cross-device solution.

UI/UX & big data

Clean, simplified interface design for mobile and tablets. That's what we do. We won't hesitate to cure you from feature-itis if that would lead to a killer app end result. "Big data" & "bomb-proof architecture" sound like our middle name, we'd be happy to turn your massive data flux into an intelligent lean mean machine.

Think core-bu$ine$$

We dive into your business to make sure you spend your mobile & innovation budget wisely. If we believe your concept is a bad idea, we'll tell you and stay good friends or come up with an alternative. 'Cause nobody wins if there's no happy ending to the story.


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The first 5 years…

We don’t post that often: true. But we do like to share our experiences, successes and failures. The post below was written after Linkedin announced and congratulated me with “5 years working at WebComrades”.

When I googled “webcomrades” 5 years ago…there was about a handful of lost results, not even one full page on Google. I decided to name my first company WebComrades. Inspired by too many nightly Call of Duty sessions, most likely. Here’s my personal view on the first 5 years at WebComrades.

Click here or go to the post on Medium:

WebComrades: the first 5 years.


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Our mission is to storm the hill and plant your brand’s flag on the mobile device. Besides securing strategic territory on the mobile platform, you can count on us to map-out the social media strategy your brand or products needs for world wide web domination.

We work in close collaboration with our clients, dedicated to your marketing goals and with an open mind for your creative ideas. And in case you run out of inspirational ammo, we’ll be standing right next to you carrying the reload. CLICK CLACK POW.

About WebComrades

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