About WebComrades

(c) WebComradesOur mission is to storm the hill and plant your brand’s flag on the mobile device. Besides securing strategic territory on the mobile platform, you can count on us to map-out the social media strategy your brand or products needs for world wide web domination.

We work in close collaboration with our clients, dedicated to your marketing goals and with an open mind for your creative ideas. And in case you run out of inspirational ammo, we’ll be standing right next to you carrying the reload. CLICK CLACK POW

(c) WebComrades Innovation: No guts, no glory

Innovating takes courage, and your WebComrades are always volunteering to lead the charge. Offense is the best defense and we are not afraid of Gung-Ho, no-nonsense approach tactics. Don’t mistake us for brainless kamikazes though. We lay out a sure shot campaign strategy and go for it, managing our resources efficiently without letting the objective leave line-of-sight. Our troops take no losses; always determined to bring all of the boys home to give you real, actual, tangible, accountable for return-on-investment.
Awaiting your orders, sir.

(c) WebComrades Expertise: Sir, no Sir

Just because we are on the frontline of mobile marketing doesn’t mean we are dug-in in the trenches. So don’t just lob your briefing over the wall like a hand grenade. Sure, our objective is to make a BANG, and we‘ll gladly receive your orders stating us how you want it. But don’t expect us to follow them blindly. There is a ‘we’ in WebComrades, meaning we are doing the works together. In most cases, that also includes the mission briefing. Your ideas, reinforced and molded by our expertise will score us goals like a Brazilian striker. We can do the silly corner flag celebration dance together too. That’s camaraderie for ya.

(c) WebComrades Clientele: Politics as unusual

Comrades. People ask us whether we are communist. Well, we are into (online) communities. And we like to leave our mark (Marx?) in history with campaigns as infectious (and effective) as wartime propaganda. Hell, we might even set up a poll once in a while. But other than some poignant wordplay, there’s no politics involved. We welcome the bourgeoisie and/or the rebel if they challenge us to create the next killer app. Just ask our comrades at Unibet, Telefonica/O2, Samsung, BuzziSpace, Clear Channel (and a couple of other classified ones we can’t talk about).

(c) WebComrades Matchmaking: Brothers in arms

Our clients can show and tell: online & mobile marketing is a huge ground to cover on your own. If you are looking for Allies, we are the Axis about which your alliance revolves. Matchmaking is our middle name; forging pacts between advertisers, media and publishers, our game. We are firm believers of sustainable partnerships and long-term relations in a fast changing market. Looking for the love of your life? Give our hotline a call and we’ll set up a date.