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The first 5 years…

We don’t post that often: true. But we do like to share our experiences, successes and failures. The post below was written after Linkedin announced and congratulated me with “5 years working at WebComrades”.

When I googled “webcomrades” 5 years ago…there was about a handful of lost results, not even one full page on Google. I decided to name my first company WebComrades. Inspired by too many nightly Call of Duty sessions, most likely. Here’s my personal view on the first 5 years at WebComrades.

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WebComrades: the first 5 years.


Under the hood: UI/UX design

2013 was an amazing year. The company took some serious steps to gear up for the future and the team was expanded with 4 new people in 2013. One key decision was to hire a full-time UI/UX designer. Raquel joined our team in January 2013 and we asked her to share some of her thoughts on mobile UI/UX. Here’s what our First Lady at WebComrades said. Enjoy!

Making an app is more than just a pretty design. Don’t get me wrong: visualization is important, but what’s even more important is the user experience. Mobile users are impatient, so the first glimpse is all you have. The competition (+1.000.000 apps out and counting) is tough so here’s what we aim to accomplish at WebComrades.

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“Success in New York” – ATV News

“Veertigduizend New Yorkers gebruiken momenteel al de applicatie voor stadsfietsen die gemaakt werd door… Antwerpenaars. Het is het bedrijf WebComrades dat erachter zit, dat ook hier in Antwerpen zorgt voor de app van de Velo’s.”

“40.000 New Yorkers are currently using the bike share application that’s being made by people from… Antwerp. It is the company WebComrades that’s responsible for making the app, also known for the mobile application for Velo Antwerpen.”



“WebComrades conquering the U.S.”

The Belgian press is also noticing our efforts in the U.S. on bike share and more:

As requested by many, here’s…
– the full page article in Gazet van Antwerpen on Friday October, 4th, 2013. (download)
– the article on Bike apps (and more) in De Nieuwe Antwerpenaar (link)
– the article on Bay Area Bike in the San Francisco Examiner (link)
– the article on New York City Bike in Transportation Nation (link)

For more press, PR & inquiries contact us +32 (0)479 99 60 45 or

Amongst the big boys in San Francisco

Three years after launching the company, we’re catching press in New York, Chicago and last week: San Francisco & Palo Alto aka Bay Area just to name a few. That’s obviously great news and a relentless team effort. A few days after the publication below we got a call from local Antwerp press too. It seems you need to score overseas to disrupt the local media overhere. :)

So it’s with pride I’m sharing this press article in the San Francisco Examiner (web) and paper.

As a personal note to all entrepreneurs out there who got virtually kicked, bashed and looked-down by the big boys:

Saying NAY to naysayers, does pay off.

(And thanks a lot Filip De Clerck & Elisabeth van Nueten for the San Francisco snapshots!)


Pedal power in the U.S.

If something works in the U.S., that’s mostly big news. Even if  things were done years (even decades) before in other regions and markets. Look at the bike share services popping-up in the United States of America. Famous for years, almost notorious in Barcelona, Paris, Brussels and expanded all over Europe.

To quote one of our colleagues: “Americans can’t believe we build bridges just for bikes alone in the Netherlands”. Well, dear U.S. Capital City Governments, there’s a lot to learn from the bike share systems active in “the rest of the world”. At WebComrades we’re open for any constructive conversation on this matter as we all use the service to commute or go out in the city. And as explained below, biking is healthy. It prevents obese (don’t bike from McDo to Burger King and back though), reduces the chances of developing breast cancer (everybody happy) and is good for your wallet. Here’s a nice infographic sent to us by Online Masters In Public Health.

Pedal Power - Bike Benefits

Pedal Power – Bike Benefits

An additional thanks to Cara Delaney for sharing.

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The road to number 1 in Sports

In 2010 and 2011, I took my keynote presentation and a lot of convincing power to Club Brugge, Anderlecht even Antwerp and other Belgian football teams. I told them a story on mobile and the future importance for a club, the fans and the sponsors to focus on this new form of media. They seemed to like it. Yes, they listened. Yes, they even wanted all the info, my presentation, every piece of it. But, to never hear from them again. I was disappointed. Especially when I had to hear about the painful stories and excuses on how hard the football world is. “No budgets, no decision power, even…no interest from advertisers and so on.” I needed a tissue to wipe away the tears from all this sadness and went back home without a deal. Life sucked.

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Summer internship at WebComrades

Another secret revealed! Last summer young dog & student Stijn Adams worked for us on a mobile Spotify application. He’s graduating from the University of Leuven (KUL) and was asked by Knack to testify on how things work at WebComrades. He talks about his traineeship and the culture at the office.

The three-page article was published in Knack’s annual Go Startersgids 2013 and even our Student-of-the-Year award was mentioned once again. Good vibes!

Read the full article here.