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Mobile internet is booming (final part 3)

WebComrades got interviewed by Digimedia.be [original transcript] – see issue Inside / Digital Media July-August 2011. This is the final part of the interview.

Digimedia: What are the main demands from the companies/advertisers in terms of app building ? Do you meet many companies who are involved today in the mobile marketing on smartphones & tablets?

WebComrades: We currently run business in the media, entertainment & sports area with success. Having said that, we also target several other domains: medical sector, tv business, publishing. The feeling we have is that some rather traditional brand marketeers are still not ‘taking the risk’ to put decent budgets on the table for the development of an application. But if you can not deliver that little bit extra in your app, I would even recommend to postpone your mobile plans at this time.

Catalogues on the mobile and too much “brand”-related content in the app is not a winner either.
We truly believe tablets will be in high demand very soon. Looking back at the project for Ford, we noticed that more than 75% of the car manufacturers already had a ‘tablet’ integrated in their communication plan at the European Motor Show 2011. That number will certainly go up by next year’s edition.

Digimedia: Any personal comments about your business market?

WebComrades: Mobile is in full expansion, but we need to keep an eye on the consumer. Belgium is a small & expensive market in terms of ROI, so I would recommend companies to think & roll-out internationally where possible. International clients need to share project efforts & budgets amongst their active markets. After 10 years in digital & mobile marketing I can tell you that this is the best era I have ever worked in. We see a lot of opportunities for those who want to walk the extra mile and think of user benefits before profit margin on a mobile project.

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