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The undercover heroes

Working with good, skilled people is fun. A vital team spirit is also highly motivating for the troops and after a while, it feels like we are all in the same family. Some prefer to say we’re in the same boat, but boats tend to sink and move slowly. Family is for a lifetime; once a Comrade, always a Comrade.
Last year was quite spectacular for us and somewhere it is written that 2013 will be even better. Looking back at 2012, we’d like to thank 3 special people who have all succeeded in bringing WebComrades to the next level.

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The End of Mijn Velo

More than a year ago we decided to make an app that had to scratch our own itch. Our itch was the missing information on the red rental bikes (Velookes) in Antwerp. As heavy-users of the Velo Antwerpen service, we thought it made sense to make an app for internal usage. That internal usage soon (a few days later) appeared to be interesting for just more than the 3 of us. Finally (= a week later), we decided to launch the free app in the app stores and make both an iPhone/iPad and Android version of it.

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“Connect & Serve” in Barcelona

Hola! Yes, we’ve been to Barcelona last week. Obviously for the good weather, the parties and the Spanish food and lovely señoritas. But rather & mainly to plan our next strategic moves for 2013 and visit some clients. Now that the little media storm has passed on Turtle Soup, it’s back to coding like a scientific madman, rolling-out good stuff, hereby avoiding too much blah-blah in the process.

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Your backpack to start at WebComrades?

Since our positive appearance in the national news end August, we’ve received quite a few mails/tweets/calls. Let’s call it a small media storm for quotes, questions, jobs, info and more catching-ups.

But, last week, a 17-year old student mailed us with one of the better questions…ever:

“What should I study to be able to work as a developer at WebComrades?”

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