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El Universal Cartagena

Colombian Newspaper “El Universal” is one of these surprises in life. What started out as a demo, made by one of our guys, turned out to be the first step into our professional news media publishing platform. The app ended up as the official app for iOS and Android for El Universal Cartagena.

The biggest challenge consisted in turning a traditional website into a modern, clean app. It took a while to convince our Colombian clients to dare to change, but once they saw the reactions of the test audience and user reviews, they were all supportive. The app reached the #1 position in Colombia, an unexpected positive result.

Note: this app is officially being made by Hola Digital Agency, which is us too, but in the LatAm market. We preferred to change suit and leave the communist propaganda for Europe, as it doesn’t work very well amongst latinos.

Download El Universal Download El Universal

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