Project Date: August 01, 2011 Skills: iphone, ipad, android, web

Mijn Velo

Our gift to urban society in Antwerp: Mijn Velo for iPhone, iPad & Android.

The app shows you the quickest route to the nearest Velo-station. Mijn Velo indicates the number of available bikes (aka Velos) and free Velo parking spots. All of this happens within the app, so no clicking to external Google Maps, nope, it’s in there and it’s just the beginning.

The idea was sent-in by one of our followers & supporters, thank you Lorenz Lievens. As true Velo-bikers we instantly liked the idea and decided to make the app without any official blah-blah and got it out there. This could be a first step towards a positive co-op with the city of Antwerp, our home town. To be continued.

Know of other Velo-users? Use the app and spread the Velo-fever by email, sms, posts on your facebook & twitter.

Note: Mijn Velo has been removed from the store when we released the official app: Velo Antwerpen (also free & made by WebComrades 😉

Download Velo Antwerpen for iphone or ipad Download for Android

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