Project Date: August 01, 2013 Skills: iphone, ipad, android, mobile, sports

Superliga Livescore

Superliga Livescore or Superligaen Livescore is a product built on our mighty Livescore Content Framework which makes it easier to roll-out localized sports apps. This Danish (and English) app scored the #1 position in the App Store for weeks. Its launch also proves there is room for essential local initiatives. We believe this app scores well amongst its user because of the simplicity, slick design and detailed statistics, before, during and after the game.

Superliga Livescore is fast and user-friendly, while it contains lot of details on matches, players and the First and Second Division in Denmark. See the calendar which matches are being played today, this week, this month.

Who scored? Who missed? All stats on corners, free kicks, throw-ins, keeper saves, ball possession, and more! The official team line-ups, substitutions even the reserve squad. If we’ve got it, you’ll know all about it!

And, obviously powered by Unibet.

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