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Pedal power in the U.S.

If something works in the U.S., that’s mostly big news. Even if  things were done years (even decades) before in other regions and markets. Look at the bike share services popping-up in the United States of America. Famous for years, almost notorious in Barcelona, Paris, Brussels and expanded all over Europe.

To quote one of our colleagues: “Americans can’t believe we build bridges just for bikes alone in the Netherlands”. Well, dear U.S. Capital City Governments, there’s a lot to learn from the bike share systems active in “the rest of the world”. At WebComrades we’re open for any constructive conversation on this matter as we all use the service to commute or go out in the city. And as explained below, biking is healthy. It prevents obese (don’t bike from McDo to Burger King and back though), reduces the chances of developing breast cancer (everybody happy) and is good for your wallet. Here’s a nice infographic sent to us by Online Masters In Public Health.

Pedal Power - Bike Benefits

Pedal Power – Bike Benefits

An additional thanks to Cara Delaney for sharing.