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Summer internship at WebComrades

Another secret revealed! Last summer young dog & student Stijn Adams worked for us on a mobile Spotify application. He’s graduating from the University of Leuven (KUL) and was asked by Knack to testify on how things work at WebComrades. He talks about his traineeship and the culture at the office.

The three-page article was published in Knack’s annual Go Startersgids 2013 and even our Student-of-the-Year award was mentioned once again. Good vibes!

Read the full article here.

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The End of Mijn Velo

More than a year ago we decided to make an app that had to scratch our own itch. Our itch was the missing information on the red rental bikes (Velookes) in Antwerp. As heavy-users of the Velo Antwerpen service, we thought it made sense to make an app for internal usage. That internal usage soon (a few days later) appeared to be interesting for just more than the 3 of us. Finally (= a week later), we decided to launch the free app in the app stores and make both an iPhone/iPad and Android version of it.

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