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The first 5 years…

We don’t post that often: true. But we do like to share our experiences, successes and failures. The post below was written after Linkedin announced and congratulated me with “5 years working at WebComrades”.

When I googled “webcomrades” 5 years ago…there was about a handful of lost results, not even one full page on Google. I decided to name my first company WebComrades. Inspired by too many nightly Call of Duty sessions, most likely. Here’s my personal view on the first 5 years at WebComrades.

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WebComrades: the first 5 years.


Under the hood: UI/UX design

2013 was an amazing year. The company took some serious steps to gear up for the future and the team was expanded with 4 new people in 2013. One key decision was to hire a full-time UI/UX designer. Raquel joined our team in January 2013 and we asked her to share some of her thoughts on mobile UI/UX. Here’s what our First Lady at WebComrades said. Enjoy!

Making an app is more than just a pretty design. Don’t get me wrong: visualization is important, but what’s even more important is the user experience. Mobile users are impatient, so the first glimpse is all you have. The competition (+1.000.000 apps out and counting) is tough so here’s what we aim to accomplish at WebComrades.

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“Success in New York” – ATV News

“Veertigduizend New Yorkers gebruiken momenteel al de applicatie voor stadsfietsen die gemaakt werd door… Antwerpenaars. Het is het bedrijf WebComrades dat erachter zit, dat ook hier in Antwerpen zorgt voor de app van de Velo’s.”

“40.000 New Yorkers are currently using the bike share application that’s being made by people from… Antwerp. It is the company WebComrades that’s responsible for making the app, also known for the mobile application for Velo Antwerpen.”



“WebComrades conquering the U.S.”

The Belgian press is also noticing our efforts in the U.S. on bike share and more:

As requested by many, here’s…
– the full page article in Gazet van Antwerpen on Friday October, 4th, 2013. (download)
– the article on Bike apps (and more) in De Nieuwe Antwerpenaar (link)
– the article on Bay Area Bike in the San Francisco Examiner (link)
– the article on New York City Bike in Transportation Nation (link)

For more press, PR & inquiries contact us +32 (0)479 99 60 45 or

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The undercover heroes

Working with good, skilled people is fun. A vital team spirit is also highly motivating for the troops and after a while, it feels like we are all in the same family. Some prefer to say we’re in the same boat, but boats tend to sink and move slowly. Family is for a lifetime; once a Comrade, always a Comrade.
Last year was quite spectacular for us and somewhere it is written that 2013 will be even better. Looking back at 2012, we’d like to thank 3 special people who have all succeeded in bringing WebComrades to the next level.

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