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The undercover heroes

Working with good, skilled people is fun. A vital team spirit is also highly motivating for the troops and after a while, it feels like we are all in the same family. Some prefer to say we’re in the same boat, but boats tend to sink and move slowly. Family is for a lifetime; once a Comrade, always a Comrade.
Last year was quite spectacular for us and somewhere it is written that 2013 will be even better. Looking back at 2012, we’d like to thank 3 special people who have all succeeded in bringing WebComrades to the next level.

Dennis Kestelle

With his playful and contemporary interface designs, icons sets, logos, design guidelines he has pushed us to the next level last year. Besides his missions as an art director, he’s always open for any idea that can make the world a little bit better. We like that. A lot.

In 2010 Dennis designed a logo for a company called WebComrades. I instantly liked it and knew it was good to build on that brand image. Almost three years later, the logo has become a reference in the mobile landscape.



Our office walls were far too white, too clean, too much dentist/pharmacy style. On the sunniest weekend of the year, we asked Dzia to do his magic on our wall. Though Dzia’s amazing art is slightly different, we are proud of the wall he made in our office.

All journalists and press photographers put us in front of the wall to do the official mugshots. The wolfpack image collection has been integrated in our business presentations too. Some clients have no clue what it means, but once they visit the office, they understand.


Laurens De Muer

When we moved into our new office exactly one year ago, we wanted a logo. A big one. With lights. Oh, and can we put it inside the office? We were quite demanding. As always. Then Laurens made a plan to bring the logo to life. Laurens designed the plans to make a big but energy-efficient logo, including a system to attach it to the ceiling, bright lights shining on the street. Even our landlord likes it.

Laurens is still studying and will get his grade has an interior design and product developer this year. We can only recommend to work with this down-to-earth type of guy. Give him some room and space to think and he’ll come up with an excellent solution. Next, he starts designing, then building it with his bare hands. Wow.

Laurens on LinkedIn

Thank YOU

Aren’t you in the list? Sorry, it’s a shortlist only, but remember we have not forgotten about you. Several people helped us to to get us where we are today. All these animated talks at bars, sports clubs, dinners, Skype sessions, etc. of which most started with “I have an idea” are very valuable. Having good ideas is a richness, having made a potential business plan makes it even more valuable. And sometimes, well, sometimes you just have to go for it, dive-in, and solve the issues on the road.

Best wishes to all you undercover or exposed heroes, advisors, critics, top clients and foot soldiers who believe in us and are helping us in any way.

Happy 2013, y’all!

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