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“Connect & Serve” in Barcelona

Hola! Yes, we’ve been to Barcelona last week. Obviously for the good weather, the parties and the Spanish food and lovely señoritas. But rather & mainly to plan our next strategic moves for 2013 and visit some clients. Now that the little media storm has passed on Turtle Soup, it’s back to coding like a scientific madman, rolling-out good stuff, hereby avoiding too much blah-blah in the process.

WebComrades had the honour to be invited as a key speaker to the iGaming Conference for Affiliates 2012, an international network conference for sportsbook, casino and even finance bookmakers and operators. Apotheosis on Friday morning: WebComrades on stage! Time to present our views on mobile display advertising, a tough subject, knowing that the audience earns their cash on display adverting. Looking at the current web advertising business models and the unstoppable impact of mobile as a traffic consumer, this presentation had to be an eye-opener for the involved parties: affiliates, content builders, operators, players, bloggers, etc. Enfin, it all starts with consciousness first: Step 1. Then Step 2. Then run like Usain Bolt. At least, that’s the plan.

Obviously a lot of companies will tell you the opposite as they are making a lot of good business out of the traditional web display advertising (and that’s fine by me); but most of them are thinking of simply copying that approach to mobile…and that’s a big no-no. Our point of view can be found in the presentation below. Is there a solution out-of-the-box for everyone? No. But can you/we think of something better; more useful for your audience? Yes. Start looking at content-related integrations, think location-based, personalised services, user benefits, open data, creating and using APIs out there. Voilà, we call it “Connect and Serve” (your mobile audience).

Questions, remarks, insults? Feel free to mail us at info[at]webcomrades[dot]com, we’re always open for a to-the-point chat.

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